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It’s a snap getting started with eParking Citation, and once you do you’ll wonder how your municipality ever lived without it.
Open a free account and log in
Use the “Upload Your Ticket” tool to enter the VINs of unpaid tickets
eParking Citation searches more than 36 million VINs in our vast database
You receive automated, electronic Vehicle Information Reports in less than 24 hours
Automatically Sends notifications to the legal owner and, frequently, the registered owner, insuring faster payment

eParking Citation helps everyone



By receiving delinquent citation payments, your community prospers with funds that were otherwise lost forever.
Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

We partner with NLETs - a national law enforcement ally that benefits from your citation data on related investigations


Lenders who own a stake in the VINs you report will help you get paid as they protect their vehicle loan assets


Backed by technology

A search engine with huge horsepower

eParking Citation taps the largest VIN database from Locator Technologies. It contains 85% of ALL financed vehicles in the U.S. That’s more than 36 million VINs!

Easy-to-use interface

Sign up for free today and you’ll discover how simple it is to navigate eParking Citation and put its power to work for your municipality.

Auto-notifications save time and money

After entering VINs on delinquent citations, you’ll receive an e-receipt while notifications are sent electronically to the vehicle owners - for fast action.

The Word on the Street

"I like it because its quick, easy, and we don't have to deal with DMV and wait weeks and spend money to get the information."

Dave Hudson, Owner of D&H Auto & Towing - Delaware

Locator Technologies:

Solving problems, one VIN at a time

In addition to eParking Citation, Locator Technologies’ robust database is hard at work serving other sectors of the automotive industry.

When towing and impound lot operators sign up for Eimpound, they get instant access to vehicle lien holders. With accurate lien information at their fingertips, they get paid faster and tap deeper information than the DMVs have. Eimpound is easy to use and notifies lien holders electronically.

A simple way for lien holders to monitor their vehicles at all times. Once the VINs are in the database, Locator continuously monitors the vehicles and sends alerts in daily emails that report events including impounds, proposed exports, salvage reports and other incidents that affect the vehicles.

For as little as a dime per search, users can find the lien data they need with a simple click. Whether the customer owns a used car dealership, works in the automotive finance sector, or is a loan portfolio purchaser, LienQuery is the tool they need.

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